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Hello, my name is Keven Arseneault and I’ve built a reputation in Canada for helping men and women build muscle and get fit. I’ve trained CFL football players, NHL hockey players, Strongman and Fireman competitors and numerous others … Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

If You Are a Guy who Wants


If You Are a Girl Who Wants

a WASHBOARD Stomach, TONED Thighs & a TIGHT Butt …

If You Are a Personal Trainer Who Wants

to Take Your Clients to the NEXT LEVEL of Success …

… Then I Urge YOU to Read on!

Here’s the truth

whether you are an advanced bodybuilder struggling to take your fitness to the next level, a beginner looking for the best way to get started or a coach looking for proven techniques that will help your clients and team members achieve exciting new gains

you’ve definitely come to the right place.

During my 12 years as a fitness coach I have seen it all and now I know what really works

and what is a waste of time and energy when it comes to working out.

The techniques I have developed helped me win my category in a recent tested bodybuilding competition

and I’m confident they will help you accomplish your goals as well.

So let me ask you:

  • Are you tired of busting your butt in the gym for little or no gains?
  • Are you fed up with doing the same routines over and over again with less and less visible results to show for all your hard work?
  • Are you looking for something fresh to break you out of the rut that you are in so you can achieve new gains?
  • Or maybe you are just looking for the best way to start building muscle and get fit for your body type and time schedule?

Whatever your fitness need, I have the techniques that will work for you. Unfortunately, as a native of Quebec City and a native French speaker, my training secrets have only been revealed in French …

until now that is!

Now, like this letter, my training secrets are also available in English.

Introducing the First & Only English Translation

of The Handbook of Training Techniques!

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Imagine having all the training techniques you need to build mounds of rippling muscle, burn stubborn fat and sculpt a lean, attention-grabbing body in one convenient manual.

Well, that’s exactly what you get with The Handbook of Training Techniques, which

features more than 150 highly effective exercises.

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll find exercise techniques to fit your goals, your

schedule and your training style.

You’ll find techniques to help you get over plateaus and achieve new gains and techniques

that will allow you to get started with a solid foundation that you can build upon for years

and years to come.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to build muscle in the shortest amount of time – find out what exercises really build muscle and which ones are a complete waste of time!
  • How to break-free from “traditional routines” – and achieve monster growth faster than you ever thought possible!
  • How to take your muscle-building gain and fat loss to the next level and beyond – if you really want to give your workouts a jumpstart, you gotta try this!
  • How to improve your weak areas – have a small chest or small arms … get the exercises that will turn your weaknesses into strengths in no time!
  • Exactly how many sets and reps you should do for each exercise for maximum muscle growth – doing too few or too many sets/reps can dramatically affect your muscle growth … learn what you should be doing for maximum growth in this manual!
  • How to protect yourself from injury – follow these tips to ensure you are able to train pain-free for years and years!
  • And much, much more!

Trainers – if you’ve been looking for fresh ideas you can use to spur clients on to greater success, this book is jam-packed with the training techniques you need to know.

Discover How to Develop the Rock Hard

Body You’ve Always Wanted!

  • It doesn’t matter if you are a hard gainer or you gain muscle easily …
  • It doesn’t matter if you are young or old …
  • It doesn’t matter if you are male or female …
  • And it doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny or in-between …

The amazing secrets revealed in The Handbook of Training Techniques will finally allow

you to build the lean, mean, fit, muscular body that you’ve always dreamed of having

– without having to spend every hour at the gym!

At last, you can feelgood about yourself and your appearance …

you can begin feeling stronger and healthier and younger …

and you can send your self-confidence and body image soaring through the roof …

all without overloading your already busy schedule and without interrupting current work, family and personal commitments!

Are You Ready to Get Ripped Twice As Fast?

With the techniques revealed in The Handbook of Training Techniques you’ll stop wasting

time on ineffective exercises and start focusing on the ones that deliver real results.

Anyone, no matter if they have bad genes or good ones,

can build massive muscle and melt away fat with the techniques revealed in this manual.

You’ll find techniques for Hypertrophy, for power, for strength, for endurance, for cardio health, for fat loss and much more.

I understand that some readers will be just starting out with body building and may not know the proper form for the exercises I’m recommending. Even most advanced lifters are going to be surprised with a few of the cutting-edge choices I’ve made and will need some visual instruction!

Also, you would be amazed how many exercises even the most experienced bodybuilders perform incorrectly or inefficiently.

That’s why all exercises in the manual come with photos and easy-to-understand written

instructions so you will know exactly how to maintain proper form and receive maximum

benefit from each. There’s no guesswork involved!

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying About This Powerful Book

Christian Thibaudeau

Christian Thibaudeau

Rarely have we had the chance to witness the birth of such a talented coach as Keven Arseneault. I consider myself a very high calibre coach, and even in my situation I keep this book as my most important source of reference. A must for anyone looking to maximize their results!

VAronique Samson

Véronique Samson

With this book, I lost 30lb of fat mass and I earned 10lb of muscle mass in one year! I train myself since 20 years and it’s the first time I’ve got this level of results!

Pierre-Luc Petit

Pierre-Luc Petit

A must for any strength coach, any training lovers, any kinesiologists and anybody who train hard in a gym. You want results, You need this book!


Renée-Claude Gagnon

In my opinion, Keven Arseneault’s The Handbook of Training Techniques is the best book you could buy. As a personal trainer, I use it daily to design training programs and experiment with these techniques. It’s an excellent handbook which is easy to use and understand; I consider it a Bible! I can’t wait to see the second volume.

Photo david

David Laroche

As a coach, this book helped me get new ideas for my clients. It boosted muscle grow for my guys and we burned a lot of fat with the last section about endurance and cardio.

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The Handbook of Training Techniques presents

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This manual completely eliminates both:

  • The complexity of many other popular workouts that don’t really work or that result in very minimal gains


  • The uncertainty that comes with trying to do things on your own or by following unreliable information

With this manual you’ll learn how to:

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